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Welcome to John Nusz & Small Business Consulting from NuszBuzz

Welcome to #NuszBuzz, Small Business Consulting and Social Media Miami Pro by: John Nusz

 Welcome to John Nusz &  Small Business Consulting from NuszBuzz

John Nusz Social Media Miami Pro

Welcome to #NuszBuzz and Social Media Miami Pro John Nusz’s website. We have a little bit of everything for you. From our social media information, tools and guidance, to our Blog where we write a bit about a lot.

Our Small Business Services Guide

We specialize in helping small businesses with:

  1. Their website design and Development.
  2. Their blogging, Article Writing and content creation techniques. While showing them how to get ranked on Google’s first page.
  3. Web hosting services starting as low as $2.99 per month
  4. We do Article Writing, Content Creation, and Blogging for the small business owner, who usually don’t have the time or knowledge to do this. This area is one of the most important area’s of ranking on Google locally.
  5. We do weekly website maintenance, updates and backups of websites and databases.
  6. Social Media platform setup up, execution and management of their social media programs.
  7. We do small business bookkeeping services:
    • Accounts payable.
    • Accounts receivable.
    • Payroll
    • Tax filings set Monthly, Quarterly and Annually.
    • With over 25 years experience in corporate America and after spending 10 plus years as a store-front business owner, I am self taught in bookkeeping, using QuickBooks Pro since 2006. (Current clients average over several million dollars annual revenue)
  8. Credit Card Processing comparisons. We take a couple of statements and compare them and if we can save you money, AWESOME! If not, no harm – no foul. I personally used this company for almost 10 years and they have good rates and are super customer service oriented.
  9. Email Marketing and auto-responder programs.
  10. I am a licensed Life, Health and Annuity independent agent licensed in the state of Florida. It is vitally important for small business owners to have life insurance. If more than one owner is involved, a proper Buy-Sell Agreement is needed. Disability Insurance and Business Overhead insurance is a MUST! What happens if you get sick or injured, who is going to run your business and protect your GREATEST asset? Your ability to cover your income and keep your business running when you aren’t there.

How to use our Site, Features and Benefits

  1. On the right hand side bar if you want to change the site to another language to be able to better understand, look for the translator and choose your language.
  2. To get our newsletters and tips and other info on blogging, motivation, self-help and social media sign up at the top of the right hand side bar.
  3. On the right as well a bit further down you can sign up for updates to the site. So that when an update to a page or a new article hits the site you can be notified that a post has hit via your email. So sign up for both now. We will not bombard you with stuff. And, our first newsletter will be coming out soon, so don’t miss it!
  4. Some of the product we have on our site you can purchase as we have affiliates with many different companies. If it’s on the site then we use it or have researched the quality off the product. However, since we are not the owners of said sites we can not guarantee them. The books we recommend, especially the books from the article “Readers are Leaders” and leaders are readers I have personally read and highly recommend.

SocialMedia 300x225 Welcome to John Nusz &  Small Business Consulting from NuszBuzz

Social Media Miami Pro

We work on blogging, self-help, social media and motivation here at #NuszBuzz See our services and pricing sheet HERE! Subject to change without notice!

We can build your website for you, host it with our hosting services for you. I HIGHLY recommend you never use a free site. If it’s free it’s not yours and they can do as they please and speaking from experience, they do! Set up your social media for you, and run it if you don’t have the time. Don’t pay the big bucks to companies that often don’t live up to their end of the bargain. You’ll have my cell to call anytime you have a problem.

We also blog about sports and you can check out our sports site BuzzR Beat HERE! We Blog about Technology, Family, Health, and much, much, more. So, check out our pages and blog-posts by visiting often to catch up on what’s new at #NuszBuzz!

Checkout our Categories to the Left to find your interests, or our Pages to the right in the sidebar. AND, if you have an opinion or suggestion please submit it on our form or post on a blog. Cheers from Miami!!!!

For Social Media Miami Pro Information Click HERE!

About John W. Nusz, The Professional

My name is John Nusz and I am a former business owner who has walked the talk in the social media world by getting my business constantly ranked on the first page of google. I have been a professional executive in the management field for various companies, including fortune 500 companies in the restaurant and retail industries at such positions as manager, district manager, regional manager and vice president of operations. I feel that this extensive background helps me in my small business consulting business. I have been there and done that. Mistakes are only one in which you learn nothing. So, my life lessons give me great insight into assisting small business owners grow and protect their business.

I have a Certificate of Achievement in Advanced Social Media from the University of San Francisco as taught by the world-famous Christopher Penn. Currently have almost 10k twitter followers and a
Klout score that stays between 59-65.

I can design and develop your website, all of your social media and set your business up on, “check in apps” like foursquare and Yelp. I can train you how to do it yourself or I can manage it for you on a monthly basis. I consider myself a Social Media Miami Pro! All small businesses MUST be participating in social media marketing and online marketing, or you won’t make it because you will not be able to compete fairly in this economy. You can take a lot of extra time and learn it as I have or you can pay someone to do it for you. No matter which way you choose to go, YOU MUST CHOOSE, AND choose not to over pay. Choose John Nusz and #NuszBuzz Enterprises BY CALLING 305-746-0402, NOW!

To find out a more personal story about John Nusz CLICK HERE!

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social media 300x210 Welcome to John Nusz &  Small Business Consulting from NuszBuzz

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